20 Affirmations for 2017

Quonda Renee

20 Affirmations for 2017


We are just days away from 2017! As we are ending one year we are also entering into a new year. As we walk into this new year we need to leave old mindsets and old habits. We need to posture ourselves for a successful and prosperous year ahead. Here are 20 Affirmations for 2017.

1. 2017 is my year of unlimited prosperity.

2. 2017 is my year to live out my dreams and purpose.

3. 2017 is my year to take responsibility of my life.

4. 2017 is my year to believe that all things are possible.

5. 2017 is my year where I focus my thoughts and words only on things I want to see in my life.

6. 2017 is my year to turn my life completely around.

7. Nothing can stop me from reaching my goals in this new year.

8. Everything and everybody prospers me now.

9. Every day of this new year is filled with love and joy.

10. I am a money magnet I have multiple streams of income.

11. I am living a healthy life in 2017.

12. I move towards my goals everyday in 2017.

13. 2017 will be one of the best years of my life.

14. I see myself successful in every area of my life in 2017.

15. I will spend time with myself daily.

16. I will meditate and renew my mind daily.

17. I will give thanks for everything in my life.

18. I will stay focused in 2017.

19. I have a detailed plan of everything I wish to accomplish in 2017.

20. I will let go of all doubts and fears that may try to come my way in 2017. 



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