5 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Quonda Renee

5 Reason Why Your Should Never Give Up-never give up on your dreams-how to not quit


People always say follow your dreams but not enough people actually do it. We get caught up in the pressures of life; financial burdens, jobs, procrastination, the list goes on. If we are not careful we can let life rob of us of our dreams. Here are five reasons you should never give up on your dreams.


1. Your dreams are your gift and contribution to the world.

When God places a dream in our heart that dream is meant to come to pass so that we can offer that gift to the world. Your dream maybe to write a book about your life and some of the challenges you have overcame there is someone out in the world who needs to hear your voice and story so that they came overcome the challenges they face.

2. Faith

Faith is the substance of the things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Whats the point of faith if you don't have something to believe in or for. Your dreams help develop your faith.

3. Your dream is connected to someone else.

Whenever you have a dream thats bigger than you it will require others to help you fulfill that dream. If you quit and give up on you dream its not only a disservice to you but its a disservice to the person that is meant to be apart of that dream.

4. Purpose

Whether we have found our purpose or not we all have a purpose to fulfill while being here on earth. Your purpose is the reason that you were created and if you live life without doing what you were created to do you will have an unfulfilled life.

5. Challenges help you grow.

Although following your dreams will not be an easy task the challenges you face will help you grow. Challenges in life make us stronger and tougher which in turn helps us build our character.


No matter what you face or what life brings make a promise to yourself to never give up on your dreams.


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