7 Days of Belief- Day 1- What is Belief?

Quonda Renee

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Last year I taught my first course on belief. In the course we talked about identifying our beliefs, building confidence in our beliefs, getting rid of stumbling blocks like doubt and fear, being in a state of peace, being mindful or our words, affirming our beliefs, and getting into a posture of receiving whatever it is we are desiring. So for the next 7 days on the blog I going to give you a sneak peak into the course I taught.

Here's day 1: Identifying Belief

What is belief? Belief by definition is an acceptance that a statement is a true or that something exists. Trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. My definition of belief is: what you say to yourself on the inside; what you say over and over without moving your lips; the story you tell yourself.

Its easy to say with your mouth I belief I'm successful or I believe I'm rich but what is the story that plays on the inside?

Where are beliefs learned? Beliefs are learned through life experiences, family, friends, church etc.

Now take a moment and think about your own life; what are your beliefs? In regards to life, family, money, friends, faith, and any other area. This is the point where you get real with yourself and identity any positive and negative beliefs and belief systems that you may have. If you don't know where you are with your beliefs, how can you believe for anything?

After you spent time identifying your current beliefs I want you to think about your desires in those same areas. What are you desiring in your money, your career? etc? Again be honest with yourself

Ok so now you have identified your beliefs and desires, are there any conflicts? or contradictions? Here's an example: is your belief that you don't have enough money but you are desiring to make more money? Well that's a conflict. I want you to highlight every conflict or contradiction. This part is crucial because you want to make sure you identify your conflicts because your homework assignment for tonight will be a tool or strategy to help you  get rid of those conflicts.

I know you're thinking HOMEWORK is she serious. LOL yes I am serious but it will be a fun assignment that will help you with establishing your new beliefs.

Ok so here's your homework: Get some index cards. Now go back and look at your conflicts and based on those conflicts I want you to create belief statements. Here's an example: if you had a conflict about money your new belief statement should look something like this: I believe I am abundance. I believe I have more than enough money. Whatever your new belief is make sure its uplifting and positive. I want you to read and repeat these statements for at least 30 days consecutively, that will create and build a habit.

I hope you were able to identify where you are in regards to your beliefs.


See you on Day 2!

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