7 Days of Belief- Day 2 Confidence/Godfidence

Quonda Renee

7 Days of Belief Day 2 Confidence-godfidence-godfidence words



Welcome to Day 2! I hope you completed your assignment from Day 1. Today is all about Confidence or what I like to call Godfidence.Confidence is trust or faith that you have in yourself. Godfidence is reliance on God's ability. I want you to take time and think about your confidence. Do you have confidence in yourself? Do you have confidence in your abilities? Or is your confidence in others? Take time and write down any weaknesses. It is important to know where you are.

How do you build confidence? Connect with God. God is our strength. Where ever there is a weakness connect to your strength. Here is an affirmation for you to keep and write down: God is helping me, God is guiding me, God is with me. Find a scripture that gives strength to your weakness.

Look at your confidence as a muscle the more you use it the better it will be. From here on out have confident thoughts. (Your thoughts become words.)

Visualize God being with you and helping you to belief in whatever it is you are believing for. (Remember from Day 1)

Confidence Building Tips:

See yourself succeeding in every area of your life.

Cancel negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Minimize obstacles (Stop giving too much attention to obstacles and problems.)

Here's your homework assignment for tonight: Find affirmations and or scriptures about confidence.Read and repeat this daily.

Here is one I like to say at least 10xs a day: I can do all things through Christians who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


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