Five Tips for Self Belief

5 Tips for Self Belief-Tips for Self Belief


Start the new year off right by believing in yourself. Believe in your abilities, believe in your gifts & talents, and believe that you were created for a special purpose. Here are five tips to help you with self belief. 

Stay away from negative energy-Sometimes no matter where we are there will be someone or something that is negative. But we do have a choice on whether or not we choose to entertain entertain the negative energy. Don't be afraid to remove yourself from people and situations that are negative.

Get rid of negative beliefs-We all have some beliefs that were passed down through our families or belief from things we heard and even experienced throughout our journey in life. Some of these beliefs can hinder you from believing in yourself. For each negative belief you may have about yourself cancel/replace it with a positive belief. For example if you have always believed you were a failure replace that belief with "I am a success everything I do is successful". Now these negative beliefs don't go away instantly it does take time and you have to be consistent in doing the work. (Try this for 30 days)

Create a list of your strengths- Whether you believe it or not we all have something or somethings that we are good at. We have strengths even if we don't realize they are strengths. Create a list of your strengths and read them daily. Your list will be your daily reminder of what you are good at. Examples of strengths: writing, analyzing, problem solving, encouraging others. 

Spend time with self daily- I know we all live busy lives but we have to take time to focus on ourselves daily. Even if you take 5 minutes a day just get into a quiet place and acknowledge how you feel, acknowledge your thoughts, acknowledge yourself. To those who say they don't have 5 minutes do this when you go to the bathroom. (You are most likely alone in the bathroom)

Repeat I believe in myself daily-This tip has been so powerful for me over the years. I repeat this over and over throughout my day even when I'm too busy to do so. Repeating this programs my mind to believe in myself no matter what I'm facing or up against. 


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  • Awesome post. This is a great list to follow.


  • I find that many of my health coaching clients struggle with quiet time, they have to have some noise. I believe it is because they can’t be alone with their own thoughts. So yes, finding quiet time and learning to love it, will go a long way toward positive self belief.


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