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Quonda Renee

Inspiratonal Gift Ideas


Ok so the holidays are rapidly approaching and if you are anything like me you havent really started shopping and you have several people to shop for but you also need to be loyal to your budget. Well I have the perfect solution for you: Printables! Printables are very popular online and they are convenient. Think about it for a second, with shopping printables there is no waiting in lines,no shipping fees, and you get it immediately (Instant download; I wish I could get clothes that way lol.)

We recently added a printable section here at Flaunt Ya Faith and the feedback has been great from our customers. We have prayer journals, gratitude journals, inspirational quotes, and more. See it here

Here is a Printable Gift Idea:

Print & Frame it Yourself- Lets say you have a niece or sister whose favorite bible verse is Love Never Fails (1 Corinthians 13: 8) because you are staying loyal to your budget purchase the printable (for under $10) print the printable on card stock paper then go to Michael's get a cute frame on sale and there is your gift!



Love Never Fails Bible Art

You can get real creative with printable gifts this year!

Happy Holidays!


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