The Importance of Forgiveness

Quonda Renee

The Importance of Forgiveness

Have you ever had someone hurt you? I think we may have all been there one time or another. How do you deal with the hurt? Do you seek revenge? Do you hold a grudge?
Here's what I do, I FORGIVE.
I know forgiveness can be a challenge but it must be done. I have learned that forgiveness is not about the person who hurt me. Forgiveness is for me.  Holding grudges keeps me connected to the hurt whereas choosing to forgive allows me to let go and enter into a place of peace.

Here are some tips to help you with forgiveness


Pray- Prayer is very powerful it connects you to God and it allows you to vocalize whats on your heart. Ask God to heal your heart and help you to forgive. His strength will meet you where you fall short.

Surrender- Surrendering is the ability to let go. It's saying I no longer hold myself hostage to what hurt me. Its completely giving the hurt and the person to God. A technique that has helped me in my life is the "Balloon Release". The balloon release is something that I do personally when I need to let something go. I get a balloon with a string, I write on the balloon the hurt or the person and I go somewhere and release the balloon in the air. Once that balloon goes up I no longer carry that with me. (You can also do this in your imagination)

Write a forgiveness letter- Writing a forgiveness letter has been very effective for me. All it is, is writing a letter to the person that hurt you and explaining to them how you were hurt. This technique is very cathartic. I write the letter but I never send it to the person I burn or rip it up. That's another way to let it go and release it.

Choose peace over hurt- Your peace is more important than what was done to you. Holding on to the hurt keeps you connected to the hurt. You never really move on or forward. You and that person or thing are still chained to each other. Choose peace you are way too important!

Remember forgiveness is for you not the other person- Unforgiveness is a blessing blocker. It will close doors and you can miss out on blessings. Always remember its not about the other person you are doing this for YOU. You love yourself more than what has happened.

Be loyal to yourself and forgive for YOU!

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  • What a great approach to begin to bring healing to a broken relationship. Nicely done.

    Keith Haney

  • This is great info! Praying and forgiveness are so important together!


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