Tips for Keeping a Good Attitude While Going Through Hard Times

Quonda Renee

How to Keep a Good Attitude During Hard Times


September is finally here can you believe it? The kids are back in school, the holidays are approaching and life is really happening. We are faced with pressures daily in our homes, in our jobs, at school, there is pressure everywhere. But how do you deal with pressure and hard times? How do you keep a GOOD attitude when it seems like everything around you is happening? When life becomes hard how do you keep a good attitude?

Although keeping a good attitude is not easy and I have not mastered it yet I wanted to share with you some tips that have worked for me when life becomes hard.


Tip # 1 Gratitude

I know we always hear gratitude is the best attitude and it could sound like a cliché but its true. When I’m facing a difficult time in my life I get my journal and write down everything I am grateful for and it helps me to appreciate all that I have. When we become grateful for what we do have or grateful for everything in our lives it opens up the door for more good things to manifest.

Tip #2 Be Active

When we are facing a hard time in our life its easy to get caught up in everything thats going wrong and we tend to stay away from everyone but what has worked for me is being active. When I say be active I mean go and bless someone else, go help someone, go run or jog at the park. Do something that gets your mind off of the difficult situation. The less attention you give the difficult situation the easier things will become in your life.

Tip #3 Know that better is coming

For everything we face for every problem that may come our way there is an expiration date. Even the worse season in your life has to come to an end.  Keep this in mind when you’re going through any difficulty, this too shall pass.  Think about how much better you will be when you get through this  and  how much wiser you will be.

Tip #4 Cancel Negative with Positive

Whenever I have faced a difficult time negative thoughts always seem to pop up in my mind. I had to learn how to cancel my negative thoughts with positive ones. For any thought that may have came to my mind about me being a failure I would quickly cancel this negative thought with I am destined for success. Keeping a positive mindset shifts thoughts which will essential shape your world.


I hope these tips help you and if you know anyone who may be facing a difficult time please share with them.

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