3 Bracelet Types Every Woman Needs

Quonda Renee

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Bracelets are the cutest and most trendiest way to style up your wrist and at times style up your ankle. What is a girl without bracelets?Three bracelets that every woman needs: the bangle, the cuff, and the charm. 


Bangle bracelets are usually made of metal, they are round and solid and fit loosely over the wrist. Bangle bracelets are more commonly worn in multiples. Many women mix and match their bangles.

Bangle Bracelets for Small Wrists- Wise Owl Bracelet

Cuff Bracelets are wider and have a opening or a gap over the wrist. Cuffs usually come in metal and or leather. These bracelets range from simple to elaborate.

Live Laugh Love Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelets are a staple for most women. Its usually a metal chained adorned with pendants and charms. Charm bracelets are more personal and can have sentimental value.

Short love quotes for bracelets

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