Anklets for Summer or Winter Fashion

Quonda Renee




Everyone knows that the right type of heels can make any outfit pop. But did you know heels now have accessories? Yes honey, they are called Heel Chains or Anklets. Its the cutest trend of the moment for me. I don't wear them every time I wear heels but on occasion I bust out my heel chains. 

The chains below are the same chain but worn two different ways. The one at the bottom would be considered as an anklet because it compliments the ankle while the one top would be considered more as a heel chain because it compliments the heel (the chain is draped over the heel). 



Heel Anklet



Its really up to you how you want to wear it but when I have on some really hot heels I must admit I wear it to compliment my heels. LOL. I get so much attention when I wear the chains as walk by I see people snapping mental pictures in their head. I love the look it can take a boring heel and bring it to life. 



But honestly I haven't seen any fashionistas rocking these heel chains/anklets in the streets. Is it that new of a trend or am I the only one in love with this trend? If there is anyone out there that wears anklets please let me know!



Now that its SUMMER spice up your heels with anklets! 



Anklet for booties



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