How to Remove Tarnish off Your Jewelry using Toothpaste

Quonda Renee

How to remove tarnish with toothpaste-clean jewelry with toothpaste-clean jewelry at home-clean jewelry at home remove tarnish


Ok I will admit I'm not the best at maintaining my fashion jewelry. I know jewelry tends to last longer if I don't wear the same piece everyday and I know that storing jewelry in baggies is the proper way to maintain the jewelry but sometimes I forget to do so. (Shame on me!) One day I was browsing on YouTube and I ran across a video that showed someone cleaning their tarnish jewelry with toothpaste. I watched the video but I was still a little skeptic. I decided that I needed to try it for myself.

I found an old necklace that I had left for dead sitting on my dresser. The necklace was originally silver but with all the tarnish it started to look gold. So I grabbed the necklace, Colgate toothpaste (any brand should work), a few Q-tips, a small cup or bowl with water, and a few sheets paper towel. 

I took one of the paper towels and placed the necklace on top grabbed a Q-tip and put some toothpaste on it. (I was working with a pendant necklace) I rubbed the toothpaste all across the pendant until the pedant was covered I let it sit for a few seconds then grabbed a sheet of paper towel, dipped in my bowl of water and then wiped of the toothpaste to my surprise most of the tarnish was really gone. I was

truly shocked but excited to know that my necklace had a chance at life again. (LOL) I repeated this a few more times and my necklace was restored and free from the tarnish. 

Have you ever tried this? If so what were you results? I would love to know. Comment Below

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Removing Tarnish with Toothpaste




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  • Neat, I have never seen that before. I put those “please do not eat” silica pouches that come in everything into my jewelry box to help a bit too.

    Jessica @AvaGraceFashions

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