Bangle Bracelets for Small Wrist

Quonda Renee

Bangle Bracelets for Small Wrist- Bangles Bracelets for petite wrist


Do you love bangle bracelets? Are you tired of bangles and bracelets the move up and down your wrist? Do you find it hard to find bangle bracelets that fit your small wrist? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions we have bangles that are just for you.

Here are 4 bangle bracelets for smaller wrists.


1. Nautical Bangle

This Nautical Bangle is cute, inspirational, and gold. Its perfect for your small wrist.The closure locks at the front and is not moving.

small wrist gold bracelet-nautical bracelet


2. Faith Bangle and Blessed Bangle

Who doesn't need a reminder to Flaunt their faith, these silver inspirational bangles are perfect for the women of faith. These bangles are perfect for the petite sized wrist.

Small Wrist Silver Bangles-bracelets for petite wrists


3. Live in the Now Bangle

This live in the now bangle is 1.75' Width and has a secure closure which means this bangle wont slide up and down your wrist and you wont lose it.

Small Wrist Silver Bangles-bangles for small wrists online-bracelets that don't come off


4.  Be Brave & Keep Going Charm Bangle

Ever brought a charm bracelet that was too big because of your small wrist? Yep me to but this Be Brave Bracelet is perfect the closure is secure and it doesn't move as you go about your day.

bracelets that don't come off - bangles for small wrists online


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