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Quonda Renee

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Our mentors are the people in our life that guide us throughout our schooling and throughout our career they are the people who we admire and look up to. It is important that we show our appreciation for the things they have done with in our lives. Whether its your school mentor, your guidance counselor, or professional mentor we have the right gift just for them.
Here are 3 inspirational jewelry gifts for your mentor:
1. Hope Anchors Bangle-This inspirational bangle features four charms and provides the perfect message for your mentor "Hope Anchors the Soul". This will give them the reminder to be anchored.
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2. She Believed Necklace-This inspirational quote necklace features every strong woman's favorite quote "She Believed She Could So She Did". As your mentor wears this necklace she will feel empowered and have a constant reminder that you gave her this inspirational gift.
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3. Love Charm Bracelet-Charm bracelets are the perfect sentimental gift that your mentor will love. This charm bracelet features 5 charms and each charm has an inspirational quote and message.
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