How Do I Keep My Necklaces From Getting Tangled?

Quonda Renee

How Do I Keep My Necklaces from Getting Tangled



We here at Flaunt Ya Faith know the importance of necklaces but we also know that if you don't store your necklaces properly they will tangle. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your necklaces from getting tangled.

Tip #1 Use straws. If you havent read our blog post Jewelry Hacks then you may have missed the importance of straws. Whether you are traveling or moving if you dont want your necklaces to get tangled take one end of necklace and stick it through the straw then reconnect your necklace. BOOM! Your necklace will not get tangled up anymore.

necklace with straw-How do I keep my neacklaces from tangling

Tip # 2 Use Glad press and seal

Glad Press and Seal wraps is a great place to store and protect your jewelry. Put your necklace on one sheet spread them out a little then place another sheet on top and press down. This is kind of like the vacuum method.

Tip #3  Get a jewelry organizer.

Jewelry organizers are great an inexpensive and great to store your jewelry. Amazon has a great selection of jewelry organizers and you can hang up your necklaces and not have to worry about any tangles.


Tip #4 Keep them in a necklace gift box. Most of time when you purchase a necklace or receive it as a gift it comes in a jewelry gift box don't throw away that jewelry box keep it so that after  you wear it you can store back in the box.


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