3 Jewelry Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Quonda Renee

3 Jewelry Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Okay ladies its summer time and this probably the time you will be traveling and getting into more activities involving the outdoors. With more activities comes more jewelry precautions.

Here are 3 jewelry hacks to get you through the summer.

1. Use straws for your necklace
If your traveling you know that if not stored and packed right necklaces will get tangled. (And we all know that's annoying) So before packing your necklaces get a straw and put one side of the necklace chain in the straw (like the picture below) and this will keep your jewelry from tangling.

Jewelry Hack- NecklaceStraw and Necklace- Jewelry Hack  

2. Use buttons for smaller earrings.
Have buttons laying around? You can use buttons to put your stud earrings on. This will help you keep track of your back pieces and you can put these in baggies and add this to your carry-on when traveling.

Jewelry Travel Hack-Button with EarringsJewelry Travel Hack-Button with Earrings
3. Keep your jewelry in plastic bags.

Plastic bags are perfect to put your jewelry in to protect them and if you are traveling. It prevents jewelry for getting tarnished and its convenient when traveling with only a carry-on. You can place your jewelry in baggies put them in your carry-on and head to the airport.

Jewelry Travel Hack-Jewelry in Baggies
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