Summer Jewelry Tips

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5 Summer Jewelry Tips -Jewelry Care Tips for Summer-how to care for jewelry in summer


We are in the hottest season and time of the year, with this season comes travel, pools, parties, and so much more. In the summer we tend to be fashionable with our bracelet stacks and layered necklaces but we cant forget that we must handle our jewelry with care during this hot season. Here are some summer jewelry care tips to preserve the life of your favorite jewelry pieces.

Tip # 1 Do not wear your jewelry in pools. Although we love to be adorned with jewelry while in our cute bathing suits. Do not wear your jewelry in swimming pools. Swimming pools have chlorine in them. The chlorine causes a chemical reaction that will destroy the alloys in your jewelry pieces over time.  That means your gold necklace will turn black after having it in chlorine.

Tip #2 With the hotter weather comes hotter climates and moist areas it is important to store your jewelry in cool and dry places. If your jewelry gets moist (depending on the metal) the jewelry will tarnish and the color will fade.

Tip #3 Although perfumes, hair spray, and sunscreen are summer necessities these necessities are not good for our favorite jewelry pieces. When applying these make sure you do not have any jewelry on.

Tip #4 Its common to take more showers in the summer and it may seem easier to leave your jewelry on while jumping in the shower but again this is a no no. It's important to keep your jewelry pieces dry so do not wear your jewelry in the shower.

Tip #5 Wipe off jewelry when you take it off. After you wear your jewelry for the day wipe it off. Your jewelry may have sweat and oils from your skin on it. Take a jewelry cloth and wipe your jewelry then store your jewelry as normal.


Happy Summer

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Summer Jewelry Tips


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