What Jewelry to Wear on An Interview

Quonda Renee

What Jewelry to Wear For An Interview


We have all heard this a million times "First impressions are lasting impressions", as cliche as it sounds its very true especially when going on a job interview. As women we have it a little more harder than men, we are looked upon more on our appearance at interviews than men.


Here are some tips to help you while styling your jewelry for an interview.

Tip #1 Make sure your jewelry is not drawing too much attention. We all love statement necklaces and cluster necklaces but when going on a job interview less is more. This may vary depending on industry and maybe more tolerated in the fashion industry. If you dont know the culture or atmosphere of the company or organization don't wear any jewelry that will bring too much attention. If you want to wear a necklace, simple is always better maybe a pearl necklace or even a simple pendant necklace.

Statement necklaces-what jewelry to wear to an interview


Tip #2 We all love charm bracelets and layered bangles but most of those make a little too much noise and well again draws too much attention. If you are going to wear bracelets wear one at the most two. If bracelets are a must have for you try a bracelet that's made of a different material like leather or string.

Bangles-Jewelry you dont wear on an interview


Here's an example of a leather bracelet. she believed she could so she did leather bracelet- inspirational leather wrap bracelets for womens

Tip #3 Earrings should be no bigger than a quarter. Ok we know hoops are classic I mean every girl has them but just know there is a time and place. I knew a woman who was passed up on a promotion because her hoops were too big and the industry she was not a fan of her large hoop earrings. Studs and pearls are always a good choice there are small and subtle.

2.5 inch hoops-silver hoop earrings large


Tip #4 Color is good but not too much color. We all love colors especially with jewelry sets but we dont want to appear loud on our first encounter

Statement Necklace-Peach

We hope these tips help you and prepare you for your interview. Good luck!!


Interview Jewelry Checklist-what jewelry to wear to an interview

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