3 Ways to Style Your Bangle Bracelets- Flaunt Ya Faith Style

Quonda Renee

Okay, so you purchased a few bangle bracelets from us and now your like now what?! No worries my friend we have you covered. Here are 3 Bracelet styling tips just for you.

Double Trouble- Double trouble is when you take two charm bracelets and you where them together. For some this may be too much but for a bangle lover this is just perfect for you. 

Bangle Bracelets with Charms

Simple Arm Party- This is more for someone who has a simple style. In this case there is one charm bangle and one simple bangle bracelet.
Bangle Bracelet

Full Arm Party- Is a combination of different types of bracelets in fact the more the better. This is for someone who loves bracelets and is not afraid to show it.

Arm Party Bracelets

What style works for you?

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