Flaunt Ya Faith (The Meaning)

Quonda Renee

The meaning of Flaunt Ya Faith means to flaunt what you believe. Its about having total confidence in yourself, in what you wear, and how you wear it. Its not just a brand or a company its a lifestyle. We have tailored all of our products to be unique and bold. Flaunt Ya Faith for me (Founder, Quonda Renee) has been a lifestyle. When I was growing in my faith and belief in myself I had to get to a point where I developed confidence in everything I do. This is what inspired me to create our Affirmation Collection.

The Affirmation Collection gives inspiration, uniqueness, and allows our customer to be confident. One of my favorites is the I Believe in Myself Bracelet. Which is a bracelet that encourages our girl (customer) to have faith and believe in herself..

 I believe in myself affirmation bracelet

My goal is to inspire the world through jewelry and  to make our customer feel and look fabulous!


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