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Ok so we are officially in 2017! A new year for me always means a new beginning, a new start, a new chance to grow. I remember 3 almost 4 years ago when I was first laid off my then medical job I didnt really know what was going to happen with my life. I remember spending hours and hours apply for jobs and not getting many call backs or interviews. It was a frustrating time because I didnt understand why things were not happening for me. After a few months of this I remember writing in my journey "If no one gives me an opportunity I will create my own." That later got birthed into a bracelet. (See below) From that moment on I decided I would create my own opportunity and employ myself. I cant lie in the beginning it was scary I didnt have many resources and I had no one to teach me how to start and create a business. In spite of my limited resources and my lack of knowledge I made a decision to start somewhere. I didnt let fear of the unknown stop me and I didn't sit around and wait for an opportunity to show up. (There was never a guarantee that any opportunity would ever come)

I hope in this new year you are the same way. I hope whatever your spirit is nudging you to do you just do it. I hope that book you have been thinking about writing for years will manifest this year. I hope that business you have been wanting to start comes into fruition. Whatever it is that you know you are called to do I hope you do it. No matter if you have all the resources or not make a decision to create your own opportunity this year.

Happy New Year

Affirmation: This is my year to create my own opportunities.

Dont Wait For Opportunity Create it Affirmation Bracelet


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