Inspirational Jewelry Gift Guide

Quonda Renee

10 Inspirational Jewelry Gifts

Ok so tis the season to shop and get a little stressed out about what to buy and who to buy for, with all that is going on in the world people need a little inspiration. They need to feel inspired and uplifted in spite of all the negative things that are happening in the world. So we came up with 10 of our best inspirational jewelry gifts you can shop this holiday season.


1. BeYoutiful Bracelet

BeYoutiful Bracelet

This bracelet is the perfect reminder to let a women know how beautiful she is by just being herself. This makes the perfect bracelet for a daughter or even a coworker. This version of our Beyoutiful Bracelet is only $14.99. This is a great gift thats under $20.


2. Life is a Journey, not a Destination Bracelet

Life is a journey, not a destination bracelet

Life is a journey, not a destination is such a beautiful quote. This bracelet is perfect for the quote lover in your family. This bracelet is a reminder to appreciate the journey of life. You get this for $19.99 (still under $20 smile 😊)

3. Be Brave & Keep Going Bangle Bracelet

Be Brave and Keep Going Jewelry

This bangle bracelet is a great inspiration to remind a friend or a daughter that no matter what they are facing they can keep going. You can shop this bracelet for only $19.99.

4. Don't Wait for Opportunity, Create it Bracelet

Dont Wait For Opportunity Create it

This handmade bracelet is the perfect gift for a entrepreneur or author who needs a reminder to create their own opportunities. It serves as a reminder to make it happen. This bracelet is only $19.99.

5. Hope Anchors the Soul Bangle Bracelet

Hope anchors the Soul

Who doesnt love nautical jewelry? This bangle makes the perfect gift for the girl who loves charms and charm bracelets. This bracelet is a reminder that hope anchors the soul. This bangle is also $19.99.

6. Never Give Up Affirmation Bracelet1

Never Give Up Affirmation Bracelet

Ever felt like giving up? Ever felt like quitting? Well this affirmation bracelet is a reminder for you to never give up. No matter what you face or what you go through in life quitting is not an option. $19.99

7. She Believed She Could So She Did Necklace

She believed She could So she Did Necklace

Ok so I now we have been talking bracelets this whole time but let me introduce you to the She Believe She Could Necklace that features an opal. This necklace is the perfect gift for the "fearless woman." Encourage the fearless woman in your life buy giving her this necklace.

8. You are beautiful the way you are Necklace

You are Beautiful Necklace

What girl doesnt needs a reminder that she is beautiful? This necklace is a great gift that comes with matching earrings to help remind her that she is beautiful the way she is.

9. Love Charm Bracelet

Love Charm Bracelet

Ok so lets get our eyes on the bracelet at the bottom. This bracelet is awesome for the women who loves quotes. This bracelet features 5 charms and each charm has a quote about love and life. This is makes for the perfect gift for under $30.

10. Blessed NecklaceBlessed Necklace

Have minimalist in your life? You know the girl that's not too flashing and loves simple jewelry, well this necklace is the perfect gift for her. This necklace is simple with a declaration of being blessed.



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