Style Guide Styling Bangle Bracelets by Flaunt Ya Faith

Quonda Renee

Bangle Bracelets By Flaunt Ya Faith
Ok so you purchased a few bangles from us (Flaunt Ya Faith) and now you need a little inspiration on how to style your bangles. We put together a few ideas to help you mix and match your bangle bracelets.
Ok so maybe your a woman who likes to keep things a little simple for you we put together just a plain bangle along with our Owl Charm Bangle Bracelet.
Owl Charm Bangle Bracelet
If your the woman who needs something a little more bolder than just an owl and a plain silver bangle well for you we have a cuff and bangle with some inspiration attached.
Bangle Bracelets By Flaunt Ya Faith
If you love inspiration and you are not afraid to stack will this next combo is definitely for you.
Inspirational Jewelry for Women- Bangle Bracelets
If you need inspiration and a reminder to keep the faith then these next bracelets are for you.
Hold on Pain Ends Bracelets
Hope Anchors the Soul Bangle Bracelet
Brave and Hope Bangle Bracelet
Have you stacked any of our bangles? We would love to see them. Tag us on Instagram @flauntyafaith

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