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Flaunt Ya Faith
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Ever struggle to find jewelry that inspires you and professes your faith? Here at Flaunt Ya Faith we design our jewelry for the Christian woman who loves inspiration and is proud of her faith. Whether its inspirational bracelets, or our inspirational accessories all of our jewelry is created to uplift and inspire you to "Flaunt Ya Faith".

About Flaunt Ya Faith
Flaunt Ya Faith means to flaunt what you believe. Inspired by fashion, faith, and inspiration, Flaunt Ya Faith has designed our company and website for the Christian woman who loves inspirational and faith inspired jewelry. Our customers are unique, bold, confident and beautiful. They are lovers of fashion, faith, and inspiration. We offer inspiration through our jewelry.

Mission & Values
We use inspiration, faith, and fashion to help our customer be bold, unique, and confident. We find ways to inspire our customer and offer great inspirational jewelry.

Who we are?
At Flaunt Ya Faith our job is to inspire and uplift our customers. We follow fashion and tailor it to inspire our customer. We provide our customer with more than they expect.
We are faith and fashion innovators always striving to be better. We keep up with fashion and we do what it takes to inspire our customer.

We hope you stay connected with us. For inspirational quotes, faith inspiration and jewelry pics join us on Instagram and Facebook. @flauntyafaith

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P.O. Box 22
Knightdale, NC 27545
CS Phone # 919.526.0522
CS Email: info@flauntyafaith.com

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