Jewelry Maintenance/Care Tips

Fashion jewelry is every girls favorite thing to purchase but many people do not know how to maintain and care for the jewelry we purchase. Not maintaining our fashion jewelry causes us to waste money and to go through some of our favorite pieces. To get the most wear out of your jewelry please read the care tips below.

#1-Do not expose jewelry to lotions, oils, perfumes, water, or harsh chemicals. Jewelry tarnishes when exposed to moisture like oils and acids from our skin. 

#2- Preserve the life of your jewelry. Fashion jewelry is NOT meant to be worn everyday! Wearing it too frequently may result in discoloration. It is also important to store jewelry separate from other jewelry. This will prevent tangling, tarnishing, and or chipping. Never sleep in your jewelry this may also cause damage. Remove jewelry before showering and exercising. 

#3-Wipe jewelry off.  After wearing jewelry take a soft cloth and wipe it down. This will help if and lotions or perfumes accidentally get on jewelry. 

#4- Storing jewelry in baggies also helps protect the jewelry.